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Updated: Apr 1

Excited to announce our latest publication, "Scaling the Wall: Overcoming Barriers to STEM Knowledge Mobilization,"🌟 a collaborative effort with dedicated educators Matt Wilkins and Stephanie Rapciak from the wonderfully named Galactic Polymath Education Studio, alongside our own Carlos Christopher Goller and Jory Weintraub, PhD from North Carolina State University!

Wilkins, M. R., Rapciak, S. E., Goller, C. C., Weintraub, J., & Mikaelyan, A. Scaling the Wall: Overcoming Barriers to STEM Knowledge Mobilization. Frontiers in Communication, 9, 1366207.

This Perspective piece delves into the critical need to enhance STEM knowledge mobilization within formal K-12 education. In it, we address the disparity between informal and formal outreach efforts, and the untapped potential of classroom settings. We argue that leveraging teacher-researcher collaborations can significantly bridge the gap in science literacy, 📚 essential for tackling global challenges such as climate change and emerging diseases.🌎

Matt and I have been exchanging outreach-related ideas since our postdoc days at Vanderbilt University, and it's incredibly fulfilling to see those discussions beginning to evolve into this collaborative venture between educators and researchers! Join our conversation on how to create a scientifically engaged society - read the article, share, and let us know what you think!

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