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Insect Microbe Interactions (ENT 591/791)

Instructor: Aram Mikaelyan
Credits: 3
Course Offerings: Fall semester (Tue/Thu; 09:30 - 11:00) 
NEXT OFFERING: Fall 2021  
Requirements: Graduate standing -or- Consent of instructor
Venue: 1405, Gardner Hall

Description: Insects are characterized by a diversity and complexity of host-microbe interactions that make them a marvel to behold. As they diversified over the last 400 million years, insects have forged unique relationships with the microbial world. Ranging from the pathogenic to the mutualistic, from intracellular symbionts to gut microbiomes, from digestion to sex determination, host-microbe interactions have fundamentally shaped the insect evolution. In this course, we will explore this fascinating and unique landscape of insect-microbe interactions, covering topics including insect immunity, entomopathogens, intracellular symbionts, and gut microbiomes.

The course will include lectures, discussions, analyses and in-class games. Because of the interactive nature of the class, attendance is critical and will be recorded.

Please enroll under the right course number!
491 - Upper-level undergraduate students 
591 - MS graduate students
791 - PhD graduate students

Email Dr. Mikaelyan if you need more information!

Game 1

Spring seminar courses (ENT 601/801)

Instructor: Aram Mikaelyan (co-instructed with other faculty)

Credits: 3

Course Offerings: Spring semester (once a week; time decided by vote)

NEXT OFFERING: Spring 2022


Seminar courses are weekly 1.5-hour meetings (time and place determined based on mutual availability). The format usually takes the form of lectures from the instructors on key concepts in the first 3-4 weeks, followed by a discussion led by students of key papers concerning relevant subtopics. Previous seminar courses covered Insect sociality, Arthropod-microbe interactions, and insect-pathogen interactions.

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