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Meet the Lab!

Lab Alumni (and their last known whereabouts)

Ezra Bailey (Graduate student, Wiegmann lab)

Lab technician (February 2020 - August 2021); Graduate research assistant (August 2021 - April 2023)

Elizabeth Wiles (Graduate student, Genetics and Genomics Scholars program)

BeeMORE mentee (May 2021 - July 2021); Lab technician (August 2021 - August 2022); Rotation student, GGS program (August 2022 - January 2023)

Aaron Ashbrook (Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University)

Postdoc (June 2020 - April 2022)

Rebecca Lessler (M.Sc. student, Sobotnik lab)

Lab technician (June 2021 - June 2022)

Sophia Copeman (Graduate student, Frank lab)

Lab technician (February 2020 - February 2021)

Caroline Elliotte

Lab technician (Nov 2018 - Nov 2019)

Former members


Currently, there are no funded opportunities in the Mikaelyan lab for postdocs or graduate students. Jobs will be posted on the website when available. However, we are always eager to working on collaborative proposals for fellowships for independent research, such as NSF post-doctoral fellowships or the GRFP

We are always looking for hard working undergraduate students who are interested in either assisting graduate students or postdocs with their research. There are also opportunities for students interested in gaining experience in independent research. Feel free to contact Dr. Mikaelyan directly for inquiries.

Open positions
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