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School curricula from the lab based on insect microbiology!

🔬 Excited to share our recent contributions to the International Microbiology Literacy Initiative (IMLI)!

1️⃣ Mikaelyan, A., Torres, T. T., Meiklejohn, K., and Weidner, L. (2023). Blow flies. IMLI Topic Framework.

2️⃣ Cole, M. and Mikaelyan, A. (2022). Termites. IMLI Topic Framework.

I'd like to extend my gratitude to all the contributors (Marissa Cole, Kelly A Meiklejohn, PhD, Tatiana Torres, and Lauren Weidner, Ph.D., D-ABFE) whose insights and enthusiasm made these contributions possible. A special thanks to Kenneth Timmis and his team at IMLI for championing this cause and providing us with a platform to create these educational tools.

IMLI is on a mission to revolutionize microbiology teaching in schools. Their goal? To cultivate a society that's literate in essential microbiological concepts, which shape our everyday decisions and broader global policies. They're not just aiming to produce microbiologists, but to spark the curiosity of young minds. By framing topics within the context of sustainability and planetary health, and emphasizing child-friendly themes like food, animals, and holidays, IMLI seeks to make microbiology both relatable and engaging.

If you're a researcher with a passion for science communication and education, I encourage you to delve into IMLI and think about contributing.

Together, let's inspire the next generation and pave the way for a more informed world! 🌍🧪

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